Step 1

Contact us through this form or our email address. Explain what you are searching for, your availability and your level in Spanish.

Step 3

If you liked the trial lesson, read the conditions and cancellation policy of our classes (See Conditions and Cancellation policy). If you disagree with any aspect, contact us. If you agree, sign them in our web.

Step 4

You must check out the technical requirements necessary for the lessons.

Step 5

You need to verify that you has access to the Google Drive folder. If you don't, you will need to create a Google/Gmail account and be sure that you can access Google Drive (where we will have classroom documents).

Step 6

Choose your lesson package (or book monthly individual lessons) and discuss the timetable with the teacher.

Step 7

Arrange your payment method with us (Paypal or bank transfer). If you decide to pay with Paypal, you must create an account on that platform.

Step 8

You can begin your Spanish classes.