Why have classes with Your Spanish Classroom?

We will focus on your Spanish learning goals. We will work on your weaknesses and will reinforce your strengths so that you can feel more confident to speak in the new language.
Depending on your nationality and aims, weaknesses and time. We will work with Google Drive, where you will always be able to access working documents, your own dictionaries with the new words, etc. We will also send personalized homework to practise what we learned in classes.
You will be able to have classes from home or the office, in a quiet atmosphere and on your own, in order to feel more confident when facing the challenge of learning a new language.
You won't have to go to any centre or school to have lessons, so you will be able to save time and money on travelling.

Steps to follow

How to have lessons with Your Spanish Classroom?


Computer with camera and headphones

A computer with camera and headphones (these are not necessary but very advisable, taking into account that the sound is better if we use headphones with microphone). Headphones must have a microphone included.

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Good Internet conection

At least 1 mbps connection speed, both upload and download. You will find out your connection quality on this website: https://www.testdevelocidad.es/. Furthermore, a cable connection between computer and Router is recommended (the connection will be more stable this way).

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Skype (or Facetime, Google Hangout, Webex...)

Classes will take place through videocalls. That's why you will need to install Skype and/or Facetime (Facebook), Zoom, Google Hangout (Gmail)... We advise you to install two or three videocall programmes, to have more options if one of them fails. In "Know more", he/she will find more information about how to install these programmes.

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Google Drive

You will need a Gmail account to download Google Drive. That's where you will has a class folder with all your documents (Google Docs and Excel sheets, pdf files, images, videos, audios...).

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Paypal or bank account

The payment can be done with a bank transfer or Paypal. Bear in mind that high commissions in international transfers are frequent, so Paypal can be a good option for you, as it is for free.

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Willing to learn Spanish

It is essential that you begin our classes eager to learn! Learning a language is very gratifying, but you also need effort, patience and a lot of determination. Moreover, it is important that you perceive Spanish learning as an enjoyable process, not as a target to reach, because language learning is a long-term process! Being aware of all this before starting learning Spanish will do things easier!

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Write us and we will schedule a videocall. We will reply to your questions. Besides, you can try a free lesson!